Cantuccini, more commonly referred to as biscotti in the United States, are delicious, twice-baked biscuits often paired with a beverage or served after a meal. CANTUCCINI, from TM BonGenie and designed by Fabula Branding, are handmade biscuits with an extravagant appeal, intended for those moments you truly want to savor.

“Fabula Branding developed premium design of hand-made cantuccini for TM BonGenie. Black background color and the partial gloss emphasize premium category of product—cantuccini are made by hand. Information area on the back of the package allows consumers to find out the ingredients of biscuit as well as learn some interesting facts from its history.”

A companion to their Macarons, BonGenie’s Cantuccini take a similar approach of a luxury treat. Matte black packaging looks opulent, adding in just a hint of mystery. Detailed images of the cantuccini are like gorgeous works of art on the front, with some of the ingredients showing up as well. Since they are handmade treats, it’s important for consumers to know what goes into the cantuccini, and this is demonstrated in a visual way on the back of the containers. Even though buyers haven’t sourced the ingredients themselves, it allows them to feel closer to the overall process, and in turn builds trust in the brand.


Designed by Fabula Branding

Country: Belarus

City: Minsk