TokyoMilk Light

One of each, please! TokyoMilk just released a line of gorgeous perfumes called TokyoMilk Light (a companion to TokyoMilk Dark). Margot Elena develops the scents and designs the packaging down to every last detail, and TokyoMilk Light is absolute perfection.


TokyoMilk does a wonderful job of altering perceptions of what is beautiful—on their three Light perfumes you’ll find a snake, an insect, and a human heart. While alone these might seem somewhat grotesque, the delicate, feminine details of the perfume make it haunting yet lovely. These images also indicate that TokyoMilk Light is not your typical flowery perfume. For example, “And Soul” is a scent comprised of Oolong Tea, Bamboo Reed, Orchid & Air, and White Musk. The gold foil on the packaging adds a level of refinement, along with the shining, slick bottle cap. Because the box opens by sliding up, it creates a more unique and memorable experience for the consumer.


Designed by: Margot Elena

Country: United States