Glogger's Sympathies

Politicians might expect that their face would eventually end up on paper money or coins, but what would they think about making an appearance on a craft beer? The face of Jozef Pilsudski, a statesman from Poland, shows up on Gloger’s Sympathies, a new brew from Gloger Brewery. Ostecx Créative designed the four varieties, showcasing items on each that give consumers a glimpse into the person that Pilsudski was.

“‘Gloger’s Sympathies - Jozef Pilsudski’ is a limited edition of beers brewed by Gloger Brewery based in Bialystok, Poland. This product line includes four beer styles: Baltic Porter, Bock, AIPA and Belgian Blond Ale. Our task was to create names, design labels and a 4-pack. On the packaging appear a new logotype of the Brewery, which was created as a part of new visual identification of Gloger Brewery.”

A deck of cards, a lit cigarette, an old-timey watch, and two crossed rifles set the mood on each of Gloger’s Sympathies. Pilsudski appears at the top of the label, his profile drawn with thick, dark lines and delicate shading to help make him come to life. The label is off-white, almost like it’s been yellowed with age, and the back label incorporates multiple fonts, font sizes, and graphics that contributes to its vintage appearance.

To liven up its look, bright colors differentiate each type of beer. Additionally, the four-pack packaging is incredibly unique, lining up all four bottles side-by-side in an enclosed box. This type of four-pack speaks to the nature of craft beer, providing a more specialized and memorable experience for the buyer.


Designed by Ostecx Créative

Country: Poland