BROK Specialty

Although you may have never been to Poland, there’s a chance you’ve seen a beer from Van Pur before. After all, they are the number one exporter of beer in central Europe. Ostecx Créative worked with Van Pur to create the design for their newest line of beer, BROK.

“During our cooperation with Van Pur we have created the design of new BROK brand product line. We have referred to historical beer labels from the Brewery based in Koszalin. Under this product line on the market have appeared four BROK styles: Extra Stout, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Gluten-Free lager. All these beers are being brewed by specially selected kinds of malt and hop.”

Although BROK takes inspiration from older labels, there’s also a bit of modern personality. The BROK logo appears in a thick, bold font, with the “O” slightly off-kilter. A regal crown sits on top of the name, its silver shadow behind it, and we are reminded of the brand’s history as well as the traditional brewing process. The different brews use a variety of malts, including Pilsen, caramel, and Munich roasted, and each type has its own color scheme that dashes across the label. Although BROK is presented in a traditional amber bottle, a slight sheen on the label allows the beer to stand out.


Designed by Ostecx Créative

Country: Poland