Blend Bros. – Savoury Blend Protein Sauce

You’ve heard of protein powder and protein shakes, but have you ever heard of a high-protein curry? These flavorful sauces from the Blend Bros. are a perfect protein option for the health-conscious gym rat or the snack-obsessed food lover. Agency Design By Day developed a bold identity and packaging for the brand that emphasizes this joining of two worlds, evident with the dumbbell and fork logo.

“The Blend Bros.’ mission is help everyday athletes bridge the gap between fitness and the kitchen through knockout tasty, health-conscious food products with absolutely no compromise on flavour. Their flagship product Savoury Blend is a high-protein sauce designed as a convenient and tasty way for health-conscious foodies to get more protein into their diets without relying solely on protein shakes and whey drinks.”

Although there is an undeniable crossover in the audience, Blend Bros. does a wonderful job of appealing to both the fitness and the food enthusiast. The tin packaging is reminiscent of packs of protein powder, while small images of the ingredients appear on the side. Its simple and clean look draws buyers in, and the product’s benefits and versatility featured on the tin make it an interesting new product to try.

“The packaging breaks away from traditional protein category conventions, using minimal design, classic typography and colour to represent the quality, savoury ingredients, whilst the exposed metal tin emphasises the gym connection. In a market saturated with sweet protein shakes and busy design, Savoury Blend stands out head and shoulders above the competition.”


Designed by Design By Day

Client: Charlie Dixon, The Flava People

Country: United Kingdom

City: Manchester