Kent Brewery

Kent Brewery has a goal to change the face of beer with their line of unique and tasty beverages. Founded in 2011 with a clear target, the brand has increasingly grown through the years. To make Kent stand out on the shelves, the brewery enlisted the of Jan Baca to package their product. Brown tinted bottles are wrapped in brightly-colored labels with a wave edge. 

"For the new look of an impressive series of 15 beers I developed a dynamic system of shapes that represent the very basic ingredients of every beer—water, malt, hop and yeast. By rotating, cloning, scaling and mixing these colourful shapes I generate literally unlimited amount of patterns which all are very unique but share same characteristics. Also, thanks to the 5-colours combination they are quite difficult to mix up."

Taste the most colourful craft beer ever! Cheers!


Printing company: Label Express

Designed by Jan Baca

County: Germany