This isn’t just any brick of soap. ZEW is a line of skincare and soaps for men with a unique and effective ingredient: charcoal. Mamastudio Design Agency developed the branding and packaging for the men’s line of natural products, using the great outdoors and adventure as a key player in the overall design.

“ZEW for men is a series of natural cosmetics based on a charcoal from Bieszczady mountains. Currently the series contains of four soaps and a soap stick with a characteristic grey colour coming from the main component. Our task was to design the packaging so that it would communicate: strength, naturalness, masculinity and active life. We decided to use black and characteristic typography, which makes for an impactful packaging. Letter 'W' in the brand’s logo refers to a mountain shape - another interpretation can also be a canine giving the mark some edge. An important element for the line is also a signet with a feather element and geographical coordinates showing where the important ingredient - Bieszczady charcoal - comes from.”

All details were considered with ZEW’s design, and the work manifests itself with confident, strong approach. The overall look is dark yet bold, with black packaging, large sans serif font, and minimal graphics. There is a pride in the location where the charcoal is sourced, and this contributes to an outdoorsy and adventurous vibe that active men, or those who desire that type of lifestyle, will appreciate.


Designed by Mamastudio Design Agency

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw