The Berry Nutty Farm

Few things are better than homemade jams from grandma’s house. Using traditional, small-batch methods, The Berry Nutty Farm creates fruit spreads and fruit butters for the modern kitchen. Sullivan Higdon & Sink was tasked with refreshing the brand to show the brand’s commitment to traditional quality by creating a story around the bold flavors.

The Berry Nutty Farm uses the classic mason jar to package up their products, giving the brand a hometown feel. Text and graphics are designed with thin white lines that almost look hand-drawn, indicating the care that goes into creating their line of products. The brand embraces a bit of quirky humor in their copywriting, stating things like “Like a perfect summer day. Only in a jar,” and “This box is jam-packed.” Along with the small stories on the back of the labels, this gives The Berry Nutty Farm an enjoyable and relatable voice that further connects the buyers to the brand.


Designed by Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Country: United States