What would you get if the likes of Kurt Cobain had ever joined forces with someone like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? We’ll never know for sure, but the essence of it would be a little something like Gerald. ROOF’s work on Gerald is an exciting combination of classy and edgy, refined and extreme.

“A sweet combo between classic and grunge. A Swiss patisserie and café in Tel-Aviv. Gerald is a well known patisserie chef in Switzerland and the father of jenny and yonatan that opened the place in Iben Gabirol St. The challenge was to create a unique and balanced combo between classic and grunge. Giving the fines of the swiss vibe along with roughness. All of that in order to create a classic patisserie look but with a twist.”

Gerald is clearly a patisserie with attitude, but the delicacies are created with the utmost attention to detail. Rough chalkboard drawings of the desserts gives the brand that modern grungy feel which is a surprising yet pleasant twist on the traditional pastry shop. Rich hues pop against moody black packaging, and delicate golden accents give it a premium vibe. The juxtaposition of classic and grunge possesses elements that feel familiar, but when combined they create an energetic and fresh approach.


Designed by ROOF

Country: Israel