Before & After: Dr. Harvey's Pet Supplement

What a gem the re-branding of Dr. Harvey’s is! The gorgeous design, beautifully executed by design agency Buttermilk Creative, is clean and fresh.

The brief that the studio received from the maker of fine health food & safe-all natural care products for pets was to help re-design their whole line of pet supplements.

“The design is inspired by herbal apothecary but with a contemporary and clean spin. Most of the botanical illustrations are of actual ingredients in the products accentuating the all natural quality of these products.” comments the team at the Buttermilk.

“These products are very popular with Dr. Harvey's customers so we carried most of the existing colors over into the new design and proposed brighter versions.”

Colorful illustrations on the clean background clearly and honestly communicate the natural and ethical ingredient benefits. The mix of icons, drawings and bright fonts add a crucial modernity feel to the packs, becoming a real treat for pets and consumers alike.


Designed by Buttermilk Creative


Client: Dr. Harvey's


Country: United States


Creative Director/Designer: Andy Kurtts