Before & After: Hubbards Simply Muesli

Muesli is good for cooking all sorts of foods, like cookies, fruit loafs, flapjacks, and more. Of course, it’s not popular in the States, but muesli is something New Zealanders love. Coats Design revamped the packaging for Hubbards Muesli, giving the recognizable brand a new life. The packaging shows the versatility of the muesli, with various types like toasted or clusters. Different colors distinguish each one, and actual images of the food modernize the label and help it to jump off the shelf.

“Hubbards introduced the concept of mueslis to New Zealand back in the 90’s. Simply was one of the first family of mueslis in the supermarket and quickly became a valuable product range for the brand – traditional style, accessible and convenient with flavours that were developed specially for Kiwis.”

“The challenge was to update the previously cluttered packaging with Hubbards new clean, quirky brand language while also being sympathetic to the colour range and 'back-to-basics' appeal. We approached the refresh by allowing the sub brand name to dictate the design. Creating clean, ‘simple’ front faces that made food and ingredient photography the hero and highlighting the tradition of the range with typographic styling. Strong colour coding, ideas of the family breakfast table - side panel gingham - and quirky messaging complete the overhaul of this prized product range.”


Designed by Coats Design

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland