Bonn's & Co

Bonn’s & Co is the perfect addition to snack time. Agency Spring UK designed the packaging for these flame-baked crackers that go well with practically any topping.

With different towns as backdrops, Bonn’s & Co celebrates its heritage and establishes itself as a brand with a rich history, building trust with buyers. Actual images of the tasty crackers appear on the front of the package, shown in detail, and each one also has various toppings to prompt consumers and give them innovative ideas for their own creations.

“Keen to capitalise on its regional heritage, Bonn's & Co wanted to develop a range of packaging for its flame-baked Yorkshire crackers that would help position them within the higher end of the US market. Each of the designs features an iconic image celebrating one of four Yorkshire towns, illustrated by a hand-picked local artist, as well as bespoke branding created to appeal specifically to those looking for a high quality cracker for their carefully-chosen cheeses, dips and deli delicacies.”


Designed by Agency Spring UK

Client: Bonn’s & Co

Country: United Kingdom

City: Manchester