GE Lighting Automotive Headlights

GE Lighting’s automotive headlights are getting some new packaging, and it will be an improvement for both the consumer and retailers. GE teamed up with Brokaw to solve three specific problems that the current packaging poses. Donnie Kruger, North American product manager for automotive and aircraft at GE Lighting, mentions, “There were three key points we were trying to keep in mind. One was to simplify the shopping experience for the consumer coming in at the point of purchase. Another was to maximize the selling space for the retailer and its environment, and the third was to reduce the [warehouse] storage space and shipment requirements.”

The new packaging will be a win all around. Stores selling GE Lighting products will free up space on the shelves due to package size reduction and commercial packs that are 10-15% smaller. While this might not seem like a big deal, for smaller stores it has an immense impact on the space they have in a back room or behind the counter. Not to mention, the change is good for the environment, allowing GE to use less paper in their packaging.

Of course, GE Lighting’s new packaging will create an easier user experience for consumers as well. On the front is a clear symbol to show the strength of each lightbulb, from bright, brighter, to brightest, as well as an illuminated road. On the back there are actual images of a deer crossing the road to show the difference between using a regular headlight and using a GE Nighthawk or Nighthawk Platinum. It is an insanely simple and straightforward way to let the customers better understand what the product can do for them. While they can’t actually use the product before purchasing, it’s as close as they can get to a test-run, giving them confidence to make an informed choice.


Designed by Brokaw

Country: United States

City: Cleveland