Cemento Mochica

Cementos Pacasmayo, a leading brand of cement in Peru, worked alongside Studio A - Interbrand to create packaging for their new line of low-cost products that would create a stronger relationship with the company's consumers (builders and construction workers). With a difficult challenge at hand, "Mochica" was born. 

"Through a visual universe inspired by the culture of the same name, where earthy colors and diagonal cuts wrap the package, the main character, the Moche warrior, elevates reflecting the values and punch of northerners. Also, using the visual richness of the Moche culture, and accompanied by a strong and consistent typography, we created a pictogram system inspired by the past, under the great challenge of showing how to use the product in a synthesized way. "

"Mochica" reflects the legacy of an advanced, robust and inspiring society for everybody.


President & CEO: Armando Andrade

Design Director: Pau Casals

Senior Designer: Julio Ishiyama

Client Services Director: Claudia Hidalgo

Project Manager: Paloma Estremadoyro

Designed by Julio Ishiyama/ Studio A - Interbrand

Country: Peru

City: Lima