South Street Brewery, Barstools and Dreamers Series

This line of beer from South Street Brewery looks like a fanciful tale that’s come to life from a children’s storybook. These specialty brews were designed by Watermark Design and each one seems to divulge a little bit more of a narrative that engages consumers in a haunting and intriguing way.

“South Street Brewery is an approachable brand that highlights playful illustrations with bright splashes of color. The reserve tier, The Barstools and Dreamers Series, encompasses 12oz. seasonal carriers and a 750mL specialty line. Embellishments such as individualized hand lettered titles and metallic foiled stock elevate the tier as a whole. Fine, ethereal line work surrounds each central illustration to evoke a flowing, whimsical aesthetic and underscores how the diecut transitions across the label.”

Against a black bottle, the dazzling colors used on the labels stands out, and a slightly pearly finish adds to the dream-like state it is trying to evoke. Each one stands alone, but brought together the series truly shines. The back of the label tells the buyers a little bit more about the beverage, using a sense of humor that will appeal to millennials and other young, adventurous beer drinkers.


Designed by Watermark Design

Country: United States