Recht & Rond

Recht & Rond is the name of a new brand of hand-crafted croquettes & bitter balls from Amsterdam. For the inexperienced, “Croquettes & bitter balls are the deep-fried breadcrumbed meatballs that the Dutch people love so much and that are usually made out of questionable meat.” 

Recht & Rond is bringing these yummy snacks to the next level by using fresh and locally sourced ingredients - straight out of their own “atelier du bal”. Such a delicacy required premium and differentiating brand identity and packaging and here is when JAMJAM worked their magic. The Amsterdam-based agency used the Dutch words “Recht & Rond” to brand the company - two words that refer to the shape of the snacks themselves “straight and round”. 

Design-wise, by using the same shapes to the create the crown logo, they created “a playful and different take on the crowns that are often found on the more traditional croquette and butter balls packaging- and the corresponding background pattern”. 

All the frills and unnecessary elements have been left behind - the focus given on celebrating the logo and the beautiful photography of the snacks. 

Bon Appetit !


Designed by JAMJAM

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam