CES Part I took us through 4 innovative packaging and product reviews seen at the floor at CES. Now go through part II of CES, and review another group of clever structural and eye-catching packaging designs seen throughout one of the largest tech shows in the world.

Braven: Rugged, outdoor bluetooth speakers

Braven is known for their indestructible product design. In their CES booth they even had a waterfall where their speakers were displayed  partially submerged and most product questions appeared to be answered with someone throwing their speakers across the room. From a product packaging perspective they’re doing a lot of things well including making their bi-lingual layout still appear elegant, which is a very hard thing to do. What I liked most however was the the simple visual they used to depict their products. At one glance it communicates impact and weatherproofing.

Griffin: Consumer Tech Accessories

We noticed some interesting structural design on Griffins new cable packaging. It’s a 2 piece box that slides up to reveal the product. What was most impressive was the cut and fold inside of the main box that stops the top box from sliding off completely while displaying the product inside. It gives the packaging a very really premium feel without the costs of other materials.

TYLT: Consumer Tech Accessories

This packaging isn’t new, if fact it’s about 4 years old but TYLT is a good example of how a clever brand retains their packaging designs integrity, while products in the market change. The way TYLT is creatively dealing with new product features is something that I’ve never seen before and it’s worth noting. For example their designers angled the USB connector in the terraform tray so the customer could see inside. They also added a circular PET loop around the connector to allow an arrow an visually reinforce the rotating feature. I like that you can see creativity and feel their commitment to the customers understanding of their products. 

Goal Zero: Portable solar power chargers

This packaging caught my eye for 2 reasons. The first being how well it communicates what it is (Phone & Tablet Recharger) from 10ft away at retail. 10ft being the most critical vantage point because that's how most people shop for electronics, by standing back from a wall of product and scanning it with their eyes. The second reason I think this packaging is noteworthy is because of the imagery of the product itself. Its a mix of photography and photoshop “porn” that is so visually compelling that it creates that sort of “crave” that will get this product to the register.

By: Jamie Capozzi - Theory Associates