Purple combines the stability of the blue color and the energy of the red. Through the ages, purple has always been associated with royalty, nobility, and prestige. The color purple can symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury. This week we take a closer look at some of the latest branding and packaging designs colored purple.

Blossa Annual

Blossa Annual, designed by Scandinavian Design Group, is a limited edition of mulled wine. The spiced beverage is poured into a purple ceramic bottle, corked with dark wood. The glossy surface gets special treatment with a wave pattern flowing in and out of the number "14." Finally, a french lily is branded on the top representing the beverage's origin. 



Cheburashkini Brothers Dairy

Rolling pastures, cows grazing, open barn doors, the sun in the sky, and full milk pails. As with many industries, the dairy and farm industry have certain images that are often associated with them and tend to grace the packaging for their products. So when the Ermolaev Bureau began designing the Cheburashkini Brothers dairy packaging, they decided to do something unexpected.



Jameson Bitters

As if you needed another reason to break out the Jameson, they’ve just announced their new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters. Superbly designed by the folks at Pearlfisher, this small bottle will not only be a lovely addition to your liquor cabinet but it’s also sure to up your cocktail game.

“This is a new, beautifully crafted and locally sourced Bitters brand from Jameson that delves into the brand’s Irish roots and flavours, and is designed to give influential bartenders and drink enthusiasts new ways to enjoy and experience the iconic whiskey brand. With the rapid growth in Bitters brands, a certain ‘type’ of Bitters language was quickly saturating the category. Pearlfisher’s task was to create a visually distinctive look and feel for Jameson Bitters, whilst ensuring we complement, respect and become a great companion to the Jameson master brand.”



Bassetts Vitamins Re-Launches With A Revitalised Design

Bassetts Vitamins are the number one children’s vitamin brand, and I’d suspect that’s because their packaging design is so appealing. With bright, fun colors and illustrated characters – it’s possible these vitamins could be mistaken for candy. First launched in 1995, Bassetts was on the forefront of the revolutionary new vitamin market - a market made up of tasty, soft and chewy pastilles rather than chalky tablets. However, over the years Bassetts has faced strong competition in a crowded marketplace and the time had come to step the brand up and stand out from the crowd. 




Borandes is a project that aims to blend two winemaker styles. One from France, mainly traditional oenology from Bordeaux, and the other one as the new Chilean style from Andes grown grapes. Therefore, the label uses iconic elements of each country in order to represent that duality mixed in one bottle. 




SALTVERK takes its consumers on a culinary journey across the Icelandic region known for their Salt Flats. These sustainable salts are infused with a variety of herbs and spices and smoked. With such a spectacular product out on the market, it's craftsmanship needed to be packaged in an equally as captivating structure. This is where Bessermachen comes in and creates an experience like no other, with scenic photographs of the product's origin embellished on the surface of labels and boxes. 



Amado by Hyatt

Oh my color! Amado by Hyatt is an artisan bakery and candy boutique that commissioned Anagrama to develop branding and packaging. The color composition and foil patterns used throughout the packaging is composed beautifully on each box. What an extraordinary use of bright and beautiful color!


Elizabeth FreemanROY G. BIV