First World Problem Pills

#FirstWorldProblems. We all have them, right? Our iPhone is about to die, the restaurant is out of our favorite dish, or our flight to Paris has been delayed. Well, the folks at Dog and Pony Amsterdam have the solution: introducing First World Problem Pills!

“Our problems are often slightly different from problems in other parts of the world. First World Problems. Don’t we all have them? But how do we get rid of them? Together with advertising agency SUE Amsterdam we created an identity for the First World Problem Store, a store initiated by the AIDS Fund where you can buy pills to solve your first world problems. And if you do, you’ll instantly support the Aids Fonds, a foundation that makes HIV and AIDS medicines accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

The idea behind First World Problem Pills is genius and allows those who are aware of their privilege to not only get a bit of a reality check but also help a great foundation in the process. Designed like vitamins or health supplements you might pick up at the drugstore, the pills have a simple sans serif font and bold colors on the packaging. Its appearance is modern and medicinal, and combined with the unusual varieties — “flowery farts” or “find my wifi” — First World Problem Pills comes off as deadpan and ridiculously funny.


Designed by: Dog and Pony AmsterdamSUE Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands

City: Amsterdam