Master Lobster

Prince Edward Island is one of the few unspoiled natural havens on earth. The lobsters fished wild in its clear and cold waters are considered of an exceptional quality. mousegraphics needed to create the 'vehicle' which would best convey the ties of the local fishers strong community with the land and the lobster trade while addressing world markets with a new approach. They researched the lobster market extensively. They made a name choice that would introduce the P.E.I fishers-lobster bond and the particular value of the trade, its characteristics of sustainability and responsibility.

"Master Lobster" emerges as the brand that is built by a community of connoisseurs, created by the care, age-old wisdom and labor of hundreds of local families. The "Master Lobster" brand reintroduces the lobster as an animal which has excited human imagination for centuries and acquired an almost legendary status in worldwide culture.

The brand logo has been designed as an abstraction of a lobster figure that also references ancient human depictions. The packaging differs from every other lobster packaging in that it is prominently featuring the very image, the photograph of the product right when it is being unpacked by the consumer: The blanched Canadian P.E.I lobster floating in its ice capsule, healthy, whole and distinguished by its unique natural features. The fair trading hash tag and other useful content symbols help the consumer navigate the packaging and product characteristics.


Creative Director: Greg Tsaknakis

Logo Design: Thalassinos Anastasiou

Custom Typeface: Typical

Photography: Dimitris Poupalos

Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

Elizabeth Freeman