Concepts We Wish Were Real - Early Bird Rate Ends in 4 Days!

The CWWWR Awards recognizes the underdogs of design. We aim to give innovative projects that got overlooked and designs that were never produced the attention they rightly deserve. 

Our early bird rate ends this Sunday! Don't miss out on this deadline and the opportunity to submit your concept packaging project in one of our 12 categories.

Don't forget!

You can always lock in your early bird rate even if your project isn't perfect and ready. Pay today, lock in the early bird rate and come back to finalize your entry before the final deadline.


EARLY BIRD ENTRIES - $40 - 9/1/15 to 9/13/15
FULL REGISTRATION - $50 - 9/14/15 to 10/4/15
LATE REGISTRATION - $60 - 10/5/15 to 10/11/15