Ekberg is a cornerstone in the Finnish café and confectionary culture. With a history dating back to 1852, Ekberg is the oldest bakery in Finland and a fifth-generation family-owned company. Today Ekberg serves its customers as a cafeteria, bakery and confectioner. We were assigned to do an updated brand strategy, visual identity and packaging concept for this classic, almost ennobled family business.

We decided to draw from Ekberg’s existing strengths: genuine confectioner traditions, highquality customer service, central location and unforgettably delicious treats. Then we put Ekberg’s luscious products, prepared by hand from real ingredients and local produce, on the pedestal. Along with the heritage, we underlined its locality: the bakery has been in its current location for over a hundred years.

Wheat cobs and grains inspired the pattern in Ekberg’s new confectionary and bakery packaging design. We chose a classic, sophisticated typography for the logo and added the establishment year to communicate heritage. Delicious, colourful close-ups showcase voluptuous cakes and breads like gorgeous artwork. The new visual identity is like its brand: a timeless classic with an ability to reinvent itself with style.


Brand images by: Anton Sucksdorff

Brand images styling: Kirsikka Simberz

Portfolio images by: Paavo Lehtonen

Designed by Kuudes Kerros

Country: Finland