Ditch the nasty chemicals and opt for plant-derived cleaning power. Earth Friendly Products®, the company behind over 150 green household cleaning items, is launching the redesigned line of ECOS featuring a dishwashing soap and laundry detergent. Working with MetaDesign, the goal was to update packaging for a more contemporary look for the brand without losing loyal customers. Earth Friendly Products® has been in business since 1967, and it has become a leader in the green and eco-friendly cleaning product category.

MetaDesign CEO Alexander Haldemann explains, “It was important that the redesigned packaging stand out on the shelf and engage both new and existing audiences. Ultimately, we delivered a unique, consistent and recognizable look across all 150 products. The new packaging organizes product information in a fresh and vibrant way, while communicating the passion for plant-derived ingredients that consumers have long expected from Earth Friendly Products.”

“With a nod to ECOS’ heritage of success, MetaDesign looked to refresh a few key visual elements from the existing brand in the new packaging. The new ECOS logo and label offer a fresh take on the water theme, which has served as a symbol of the company’s storied commitment to protecting the earth’s most precious resources. The Earth Friendly Products company logo with the oranges and lemons was kept as a quality seal of approval, as research indicated strong consumer identification with the logo.”

ECOS now has a refreshed yet natural look, giving it more appeal to the modern customer but also keeping the trust of of those who already use the products. It’s also easily recognizable and fits the rest of the products from Earth Friendly Products®. Because it’s a green cleaning products company, the packaging is fresh and errs on the side of simplicity while still emphasizing its cleaning power. Each label features a gentle gradient that feels soft and kind, an indication of the goodness of the products themselves.

Earth Friendly Products CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks states, “We set out to develop a deeper, more emotional story for our consumers by updating the look and feel of all of our products and rebranding all of our packaging under ECOS, the internationally recognized award-winning green laundry detergent. I am so proud of the new packaging and the way it reflects the powerful attributes of our products, as well as our brand equity and history of manufacturing products using sustainable business practices.”


Designed by: Earth Friendly Products® & MetaDesign

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA & Addison, IL