Topo Wines

If you thought that ‘mole’ and wine are not a match made in heaven, you were wrong. Design agency Argency managed to associate the curious animal species, well known for its outstanding sense of smell, to a range of beautiful wines produced in Mendoza, Argentina. 

The idea of drawing a parallel between moles and Topo Wines was conceptualized in the constant search for the company to create distinctiveness within the wine industry and the labels embody the true essence of the brand. 

Talking of this project, the team at Argency says: “The background lines on the new labels represent the tortuous path wine lovers follow in the discovery and search for the best wines. The coloured square in the centre changes colours according to the wine and provide information such as number of the lot, variety and vintage year. The proposal initially ended up being the one the client chose at the end.”

One of the interesting features of this design is the replacement of the front and back labels with a unique and continuous one so that the order of information is delivered as a whole- a feature that creates unity on the labels and ensure simplicity in the production. Another interesting feature is the use of the film around the cap to provide further brand exposure and reinforce the Topo Wine brand story. 

A warm design with a clever execution, Bravo!


Designed by Argency

Country: Argentina