Puhoi Organic Milk

This organic milk range certainly has an interesting story to tell. Unified Brands was tasked to create the premium organic milk range for Puhoi Valley, aiming to capture the brand’s history while also highlighting the its credentials. The resulting design communicates Puhoi Valley’s Bohemian heritage and community spirit, featuring illustrations of the village cafe, church, and nature native to the area.

“Almost 140 years ago 86 Bohemian migrants made the long journey from the Czech Republic to a place where the sun always shone and winter did not exist – or so they were told. Each family was promised at least a 40 acre farm which was vast by European standards.”

“Exhausted by the 124 day journey, they arrived home to hundreds of acres of dense, unfarmable forest. Undeterred, this little community banded together to establish themselves and carve out a future for their families. The sense of kinship born from the early settler’s trials has lived through the generations and is one that Puhoi Valley cheese embraces today. The design captures Puhoi's Bohemian heritage and community spirit. The Bohemian arts and craft style illustration was created using traditional woodcut prints. This features the village cafe, church and native New Zealand fauna and brings the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisan producers to life.”

Unified Brands aimed to capture Puhoi Valley’s Bohemian heritage and community spirit. The design feels authentic and was made with special care, with the illustration created by using traditional woodcut prints. The color palette is subtle and soft, which combines with the images to portray Puhoi Organic Milk as a premium dairy offering.


Designed by Unified Brands

Client: Puhoi Valley

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland