Karolines Køkken

Move over, Betty Crocker. Karolines Køkken, or Karoline’s Kitchen in English, is a brand that’s been around for decades in Denmark. After over fifty years in business, IDna Group revived the cookbook and foods company with a completely new identity.

“Karolines Køkken is an Arla brand with a remarkable history. The brand originally started out as an actual kitchen in 1962, when the Danish Dairy Board asked two Home Economics teachers to test a number of recipes for a new cookbook. These recipes became the first in the rapidly growing and immensely popular series of cookbooks, loose-leaf recipes, and products. In the seventies and eighties, the free cookbooks from Karolines Køkken were distributed door to door across Denmark, and were warmly welcomed by the Danish women, who had by then entered further education institutions and the labour market but missed out on the traditional cooking skills.”

“Karolines Køkken became synonymous with the Danish food culture. While the love and memories of Karolines Køkken remained, the brand slowly vanished into a number of Arla endorsed products, until a decision was made to revive Karoline by rediscovering her Dna and, based on this, creating a new, visual identity.”

Inspired by checkered picnic tablecloths, the retro design spans the entire brand — trucks, food packaging, dishware, and cookbooks. Karolines Køkken’s red and white logo makes the buyer feel like delicious, homestyle cooking just the way Mom did it is easy to do with these products. Small touches, like matching containers in the kitchen or a small bookshelf with cookbooks and recipes, make all the difference. Kareolines doesn’t shy away from all the colors of the rainbow, especially with their food packaging, using hues that can be associated with each product. By playing on that nostalgic feeling, Karolines Køkken appeals to those who long for a simpler time, where cooking up a meal from scratch with wholesome ingredients was a normal, everyday occurrence.


Designed by: IDna Group

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen