Savse Smoothies

A wholesome line of freshly squeezed beverages with a unique story. Inspired by the Co-Founders' mother who was diagnosed with an iron-deficiency while pregnant, the children grew up drinking special smoothies juiced by combining super fruits and vegetables. Loving the taste so much, they decided to bottle up her original recipes to bring consumers "Savse". An array of colorful juices crammed into plastic bottles and illustrated with their mother's portrait. 

"We cold-press our fresh fruit and veg to ensure that each bottle is crammed full of goodness; that’s what Savse (pronounced sav-say) means from back home in Georgia. We’d never settle for anything unhealthy, heat-pasteurised or with added sugar, so we use HPP (High-Pressure Processing) to preserve our smoothies. HPP is an innovative preservation method that allows the full fruit and veg that go into our smoothies to retain their natural goodness, without using any heat. This ensures every bottle tastes as fresh as one made in the kitchen, where it all began."
"You can trust that every bottle is packed full of 100% natural ingredients giving you the tastiest, healthiest smoothies around with the added bonus of 2 of your 5-a-day and Nina’s seal of approval."