“Protein from the Inca Highlands.” These gluten-free, high protein snacks from Ecuador come in three delicious flavors: salted, lemon, and spicy. GWORKSHOP DESIGN designed the packaging, making it a striking look of traditional elements from the country with plenty of modern appeal.

“The Andean lupinis were an ancient product eaten in the Highlands region of Ecuador. It has a high protein content which has drawn the attention of international markets. The brand emphasizes the place of origin and the product is presented on a innovative and attractive way. The use of color stripes and photography clearly distinguishes each of the flavors.”

A graphic of the Andes Mountain Range rests at the top, right over the Ethnisnacks brand name that appears strongly in a sans serif font. An actual image of the product appears on the front of the packaging, as well as the key flavoring ingredient (salt, lemon, and peppers). The majority of the packaging uses muted colors, letting the greens, reds, oranges, and yellows to truly pop. Small details, like the dotted graphics and the zig zag on the main label give Ethnisnacks a polished look that feels very much Ecuadorian, and the sharp photography and font choice make it well-suited for a modern market.



Country: Ecuador