TORO PINTO celebrates the flavor of Mexican Beer with limited edition packaging for CASCABEL IPA. A hypnotically colorful snake is coiled above its name, written with "brush" type. The contrast between a clean white background and the "childlike" representation of a snake gives the brand a playful attitude that is striking on any supermarket shelf.  

"CASCABEL IPA is a special edition beer for Cerveza Lola. This Indian Pale Ale beer contains many types of Mexican chiles such as "habanero" and "cascabel" chile, hence the naming of the beer. The goal was to communicate the vibrating and intense attributes of the beer´s flavour. We developed fully hand crafted paintings for both the label´s artwork and brand, creating in this way a bite of dynamic color."


Art Direction and Design: TORONTO

Illustration: HGNO

Designed by TORO PINTO

Client: cerveza lola 

Country: Mexico