Blue is our favorite color for obvious reasons. It’s also nature’s color for water and the sky but is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Today, blue is embraced as the color of heaven and authority, denim jeans, and corporate logos. Most blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. This week we take a closer look at some of the latest branding and packaging designs colored blue.

Moreish Skincare

The luxury segment is experiencing the strongest growth in skincare. Moreish was an existing, but underperforming range in pharmacy. The existing brand was centred purely around argan oil and its Moroccan provenance, but the visual architecture was very pharmaceutical in aesthetic and not embraced by consumers. While the already effective formulas have only been slightly altered, the brand positioning, language and design were completely up for grabs. 




These sunglasses are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Inspired by the motorcycle culture, SALT + AETHER eyewear is elegant with just the right amount of edge. Encased in a cloth pouch,  the collaborative piece is put into a box printed with serene landscape. 

We are excited to announce that today marks the launch of our exclusive collaboration with the Southern California-based premium eyewear brand SALT. on a limited-edition line of sunglasses. Sharing an intense passion for the outdoors, our companies decided to partner on two styles—the SCOUT and the EXPLORER—both designed for the male or female drawn to adventure.




What adorable shortbread packaging! When we saw this on Instagram, we knew we had to feature it on The Dieline! Designed by Believe in®, this delicious Scottish sweet treat is sealed in a clear plastic film that peeks through the dark grey box. The logo is hot-stamped on the left-hand corner aligned with the rest of the text. The design is then finalized with a cube pattern accenting the side of the box.



The Gentleman Floris

 British, regal and masculine (No, I’m not describing One Direction). These adjectives characterize the packaging design for the new line of men’s grooming products, The Gentleman Floris. Released by the luxury perfume house, Floris, the design work captures both the rich brand heritage of Floris and the sensibilities of a younger, modern man. 

“It was so important to us that the heritage and the expectation of quality and detail of our brand shone through the identity and packaging, but also was made to feel relevant to a new generation.”



Before & After: Dr. Bronner's

Established in 1948, Dr. Bronner’s creates certified organic and fair trade soaps and personal care products. With unusual text-filled packaging encasing all-natural ingredients, Dr. Bonner's has gained popularity over the years in both the hippie/hipster community. The new logo and packaging maintains the company's well-known brand identity with minor changes.



Moolight Upon The Helan Mountain

What beautiful, celestial wine packaging designed by Pesign Design! Inspired by the night sky, this tryptic's ombre of orange, green, and pink against a silhouette of mountains creates a landscape that is out of this world. Finally, a gold spot finish is applied on the crescent moon and stars that float in a sea of blue.  



Concept: Saxa Rebrand

Taking the ordinary and transform it into an extraordinary piece of packaging. This is what Charlie Nash has done for his conceptual project. 

The brief he worked towards was to take a famous brand and redesign it in a way that could “Convey originality, craft and storytelling through simple, bold, warm and engaging design.” The new identity also had to be a category breakthrough, be enduring and memorable.