Concepts We Wish Were Real

The week is finally over and what better way to celebrate than with our concepts we wish were real.

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How in the world did the Swedish designer, Elisabeth Twede manage to take an Easter egg color palette and transform it into a stylish unisex brand? The Nordic design sensibilities always amaze me. There is just something about the balance between the sunny yellow, mint green and geometric shapes that make this design work feel so delightfully modern. Working on her final degree project for her packaging design class at Broby Grafiska, Elisabeth Twede was tasked with reinventing the visual identity for a brand of products that had lost their strength in the marketplace. Twede chose to work with the hairstyling brand Proffs, a company whose products over the years were being forgotten in the sea of competitors on the shelf.

“A product's packaging has a big impact on our decisions as consumers today. The things we use, the hairspray on the bathroom shelf or the organic olive oil in the kitchen, are all part of our personal image.”

Creating a new identity and product design for Proffs began with the decision to create a unisex packaging design for the hairstyling products that were actually used by BOTH women and men. No need for two sets of gender specific packaging designs. Twede chose to work with a sunny yellow, mint green and white color palette, with just a touch of black thrown in for the minimalistic typography. The execution of color blocking in the design creates a geometric pattern that achieves a unisex vibe.The clean lined, geometric aesthetic is also carried through to the angular bottle shapes. The new bottle shape is intended to have a strong presence standing out on the shelf with its boxy minimalism. Although I think the entire new identity for these Proffs products will grab consumer attention as they sit there looking so pretty on the shelves.

I can only assume that Elisabeth Twede received the highest score for her wonderfully executed design project. She’s done a fantastic job recreating Proffs into a new brand experience that is modern, qualitative and young. Beautiful work dear!

Designed by Elisabeth Twede, Marcus Råbratt & Mimmi Nordholm

Country: Sweden


Project Olio



The Olio project is an international collaboration between 3d illustrator Vincent Del Jesus and graphic designer Alessia Olivari. 

For this concept work, the two designers developed two pieces of olive oil packaging (bottle and can) that exalt the beauty of the raw materials. Commenting on their concept, the two designers explain: “The idea of leaving materials as raw as possible is strictly linked to the quality of the content. The only design intervention consists of a white crown of olive tree branches that goes around both the bottle and the can.”

Beautiful in its execution, the layout is simple but communicates the quality of the product, especially thanks to the contrast of colors and relief patterns.


Designed by Vincent Del Jesus / Alessia Olivari

Country: France/Italy

3d visualizations: Vincent Del Jesus 

Designer: Alessia Olivari


APTUS Emergency Supply


A concept project inspired by the tragic earthquake that occurred in Nepal last April. Student Sunniva Unneland worked on the concept of APTUS Emergency Supply as a response to the need of the survivors who were struggling to get food and supplies. The purpose of the kit is to provide an immediate emergency supply after natural disasters until rescue services are able to provide more support. Each of the containers provide resources for one of these categories: food, water, shelter, hygiene, first aid kit, tools and blanket.

Talking about the project, Sunniva says: “The focus for this project was to make a product that was easy to use, easy to customize and easy to understand.I was inspired by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban with the usage of paper tubes. They are cheap and can be easily waterproofed, making it a good choice of packing.”

The product includes a brochure with information on the content of each category and tips on how to use the items when needed. Particular focus was given to usability and Sunniva really analysed the concept through, from storage to recycling. A very inspirational project, we really love when concept ideas aim to improve the world.

Designed by Sunniva Unneland

Country: Norway


The Moment


Inspiration of the design comes from our festivity occasions – whether it is amazing party, celebration of solitude or warm chill-out evening with the friends at the seaside. 
Clarity of forms, styling of occasions and freshness of colour palette combined with the playfulness of the product name is invitation to engage! 
Graphics are printed on the backside label – seen through the bottle, whilst the name of the product is printed on the front; this combination creates dynamic, optical illusion that reflects depending on the angle of view. Description with cool ideas of usage and creative servings are attached to the bottleneck with colorful band. The design is developed for a limited edition production to mark special event or promotion of company, bar or group of friends. 
By creating this visual identity, we want to give the joy and willingness to participate in different situations. Are you in?

Designed by Janis Andersons

Country: Latvia


Warhawk, Blitzkrieg and Sidewinder


Radio tells a story through a series of beer packaging. Inspired by Aerial Warfare Warhaw k, Blitzkrieg and Sidewinder takes place is the stormy skies above the cityscape and ocean blue. The logo, a stylized skull, sits at the base of the illustration and is wrapped around the neck of the bottle. 


Designed by Made by Radio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London




Kralle is a beer packaging project that personifies the spirit of the heraldic eagle, a monarchical symbol that is strongly referenced in the ambiance of German traditions. Having adding a glimmer of inspirations from the coat of arms worn by army commanders: the richness of the typography and label ornamentation reflects the historical nature of those times. Similarly, the rhythmical lines etched onto the beer bands wrapping the entire bottle provides the sense of embroidery crest, reinforcing the ideal of military status and family.

Designed by Brian Lam

Country: Canada


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