Before & After: Especialidades by Molitalia

Before and after design posts are the most fun to write. Everyone loves to look at the “before” photographs and pick the design apart as they compare it to the shiny new art direction that will replace it. Molitalia, one of the biggest food companies in Peru, is revealing the full redesign for one of their pasta line “Especialidades and it's quite a head turner! That hot tomato red will never be called a wallflower. 

“‘Especialidades’ means specialties in Spanish, and that is what we aim with the design, to make this packing look special.”

It was the first time working together for the Lima, Perú  based firm Brandlab and their new client Molitalia. Not a small project to jump right in on. The first thing Brandlab focused on was changing the color of the product packaging away from blue, a color that is also popular with the competition. The color palette was changed to a bright red, a brand color which Molitalia already owns and a color that will surely grab attention on the shelves.

It’s interesting to look at the two designs side by side and realize the same hierarchy of elements is being used in both, yet the design directions make them have completely different feelings. I love how Brandlab took the red and white checked pattern from the original packaging and subtly pulled it into the new design, placed at the top with the logo overlapping it. The new color palette has a strong red, black and white theme, with beautiful images of pasta dishes that wrap from the front of the box and around one side. This asymetrical design element is a nice departure from the usual “hero shot” dead center many products feature. 


“We benefit from the angles of the boxes to create a unique feature like the continuity of the photography or using it like a window to show the product in the long pastas.” 

The design element that really captured my attention was the gorgeous typography. Such a beautiful pairing of fonts and font weights, with a TIGHT lock up. The mix of an all cap serifed font, heavy as can be, contrasted with a light, condensed san serif – LOVE! Each packaged has a single oversize letter which is the first name of the pasta inside, for example “L” for lasagna. It's a perfect balance that looks modern with class. And, the little details such as the ampersand being reversed out of a circle – now that’s some attention to detail. 

Brandlab has done some lovely work redesigning the Especialidades line. They’ve successfully created a redesign that took a once average art direction and developed it look like a high end product line. 


Designer: Maria Elena Martinez

Creative Director: Alfonso Fernandez

Photography: Carlos Rojas

Food Styling: Verónica Castillo

Designed by Brandlab

Client: Molitalia

Country: Perú