Domingo Vermut

Domingo Vermut is a Spanish Red Vermouth that has taken an unconventional item of inspiration and translated it to the brand’s identity and packaging design. Created by Entretanto Brand Lab and Ladies and Gentleman (additionally in collaboration with The Water Company), the brand mimics the look of typical bar napkins. 

“Its name, Domingo (which translates to Sunday in English), is a tribute to the day par excellence of Vermouth.”

With a simple red and white color palette, the vermouth labels could be mistaken for actual napkins. The labels are positioned askew on the bottles, as if the napkins were thrown onto a table. The authenticity of the design concept is carried through to the smallest of details, including the texture of the label paper and the emulation of misprinting which happens frequently on press. 

The product name “Vermut Rojo Domingo” is typeset at the top of the label in a bright cherry red. With the words “Vermut Rojo” set on an arch hovering above “Domingo.” It’s a strong type lock up, a mixture of serif and san serif fonts that together create a nice visual balance. Running along the edges of the label is a decorative, flourish-style border. All additional typography on the label is contained within this border, which keeps the design looking very tidy. 

I love this concept, it feels like a throwback to an earlier era of classic cocktail napkins. It’s simple, stylish and has room to grow if the line of Vermouths expands in the future.


Creative Directors: Jorge Lopez Ghisoli, Carlos Rubio

Designed by ENTRETANTO Brand Studio, Ladies & Gentleman

In collaboration with The Water Company

Country: Spain

City: Madrid