Join us on our second round of ROY G. BIV as we feature our favorite red packaging of the week. 

Before & After: Especialidades by Molitalia

Before and after design posts are the most fun to write. Everyone loves to look at the “before” photographs and pick the design apart as they compare it to the shiny new art direction that will replace it. Molitalia, one of the biggest food companies in Peru, is revealing the full redesign for one of their pasta line “Especialidades and it's quite a head turner! That hot tomato red will never be called a wallflower. 




FARADAÍ PARÁ SPIRIT Branding and packaging for a spirit made of Brazilian pará cress and black tea. Just a few months after we finished the branding for 9Volt, we were asked to redesign the whole visual appearance, because of a new naming and a modified brand strategy. Referring to the cultural background of the pará cress as well as to the contemporary approach of the brand, the new design is inspired by a Brazilian graffiti style known as »Pixação«. It combines a radical and bold bespoke lettering with strong graphical qualities and a reduced, clean typographical concept.




"For ages, chocolate was imprisoned by women. They indulged in it, savored its silky taste leaving us, men envious, watching and waiting… The time has come to end this injustice! TITSES is bringing the chocolate back to men! Titses has it all: Idea form, ideal content, ideal color and ideal taste! Only the finest milk and solid strong nuts, and you have three mouthwatering sizes to choose from! Lick it, bite it, be inventive!"  Titses: Real chocolate for real men!



Student: Corus-Music for the Hearing Impaired 

If you’ve walked down a city street recently, or taken public transportation, you have likely noticed that half the people passing you have ear pods tucked into their ears. Listening to music has long been a cultural pastime and it has become easy to carry it with you wherever you go. I suppose it was just a matter of time and research before a product was created that allowed people who are deaf or hearing impaired to enjoy a musical experience too. 



Coca-Cola's 100% Plant Based Bottle

Coca-Cola has created the world's first plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based material. The project was announced at the World Expo in Milan and since then has been the topic of conversation all over social media. The bottle looks and feels like a normal PET plastic bottle would but brings us that much closer to saving the planet. By pushing boundaries with help from Virent, the Plant bottle packaging uses BioFormPX technology that converts natural sugars found in plants into ingredients to produce plastic.



Budweiser Liberty

It’s officially summer and once again Budweiser furthers our pursuit of happiness. The unique partnership between Budweiser and the National Parks Foundation has inspired a colossal design solution; the most iconic American beer and the most iconic symbol of freedom. Set against a field of red and white stripes, Lady Liberty herself becomes our star. In a nod to the statue's origins, renowned French illustrator Malika Favre was commissioned to capture her beauty and power.

This summer, celebrate freedom with a Budweiser. 




You had me at grilled cheese. In 2011, Mike Jacober opened The Morris Truck to serve a grilled cheese unlike any other. Using techniques and ingredients that most people wouldn’t ever think to use, they strive to enrich the everyday eating of their consumers. Looking for a new brand identity that could look to the future with all of their offerings, The Morris Truck turned to London agency Pearlfisher.


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