The Breadski Brothers

That Bread looks delicious. Three Polish brothers, Magic, Mark, and Martin, started MMM Bakery and have been supplying breads and other baked goods on a local and national level. Their range of products, “That Bread” would be available in supermarkets, and True Story helped develop the new line.

“Their idea was to provide a simple range that consumers could understand, cutting out the confusing jargon of the category and focusing more on the natural health benefits of their product. But they were looking for a compelling brand idea to leverage it in a very traditional category. We were asked to review and explore an alternative brand name, identity and pack design for the main range, as well as the handy pack; an innovative product idea holding just 2 slices of bread for lunchtime and on the go.”

“The fact that their last name is Chlebicki, with Chleb meaning 'bread', we came up with a new name 'The Breadski Brothers', and created an iconic baking character to represent the brand and the brothers, which also becomes the brand holding shape on pack. Each pack has a different colour version of the character, representing the 3 brothers, and the range flavours. The 3 bakers stand up proudly on shelf creating an eye catching pack in a busy category. We also named the handy pack range as 'That's Handy' to tie it in with the main range 'That Bread' and translated the same iconic design onto the mini 2 pack slices.”

The new branding and packaging speaks to consumers in a way that is friendly and personable, intriguing buyers who may not normally be interested in more artisan breads. Using personality of the three brothers to lead the way, it sets The Breadski Brothers apart. Their story is compelling, so the brand focuses on the Polish heritage and the three brothers themselves.


Designed by: True Story

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin