Assam Milk Tea

This milk tea looks absolutely adorable! Assam Milk Tea wanted to appeal to consumers particularly in China, so Greece-based agency mousegraphics designed the packaging to be distinct and honest.

“The briefing: ‘We want to launch a new brand of bottled milk tea. High aesthetics for a consumer friendly product.’ The brief we were given was rather reserved and straightforward. We opted for the same design language. We developed the most straightforward iconography for each of the product components : a cow for 'milk,' a tea bag for 'tea.' When merged these two images produced the most effective, universally understood blend. The photorealistic rendering of the hanging small bag dominates the packaging surface as if such a bag is actually and naturally immersed in the milk tea bottle. Colors are kept equally natural and the coconut flavor product bottle is distinguished by a light and cool shade of green on its bottle.”

The thought process behind a cow tea bag may seem simple, but it’s genius. No other brands look like this or have taken the terms so literally, and it’s executed in an ultra-sleek and clear-cut way. By allowing the tag to communicate a lot of information about the product, the bottle remains minimal. This communicates the idea that the beverage is made with natural, fresh ingredients. The bottle is a traditional milk bottle that a 1950s milkman might have carried around, but the bag of tea updates the idea and clearly positions the drink as something for a modern consumer.


Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

City: Athens