The Freshest Orange Juice Brand

“Discover the freshest orange juice brand whose name is the exact time the juice was made.” If you’re all about healthy, fresh food and drink, you’re going to love Intermarché’s new campaign for its OJ. Marcel has helped the supermarket prove that you don’t need to head to a juice bar or health store for some of the most delicious juice around.

“Each day, 550 million litres are sold everyday in the world (half in Europe). And consumers are particularly fond of fresh juices. The problem is that Intermarché’s urban target (under 35 years old, singles, young parents) don’t have the habit to buy their fresh juices in supermarkets.”

“That’s why Intermarché launched the campaign ‘The freshest orange juice brand,’ to prove to this target that a chain of supermarkets could provide the freshest and the best orange juice ever. The competition around orange juice consumption is fierce and every brand is claiming its juice to be the best. [‘The freshest orange juice brand’ is] a brand whose name is in itself a proof of its freshness. The juice brand whose name is the exact minute the juice was made. A brand that is 50% cheaper than other orange squeezed juice brands in average.”

Against the white label, the bold black text takes center stage. This offers something that no other juice brand does — the knowledge of the product’s freshness. Other brands can claim to be fresh, but no other company lists the date or exact time of manufacture.

“The results were outstanding. ‘The Freshest orange juice brand’ was an immediate success in store. So much, that in the first 3 days of the campaign, we went out of supply of oranges. Our fresh orange juice sales multiplied by 4600% per store and global in store traffic increased by 25% overall. The media liked the freshness of the idea: 50 million media impressions were generated in the first day of the launch, and the #LeJusLePlusFrais (#TheFreshestJuiceEver) has spread quickly on the web. As ‘The inglorious fruits and vegetables,’ this success led to the deployment of the operation in all our stores.”


Designed by Marcel

Country: France

City: Paris