Before & After: Rockland Bakery

New Yorkers take bagels seriously. And while there are endless options out there, Rockland Bakery has become a bagel lover’s favorite. Looking to revamp their identity system, packaging, and website, they turned to Taktic Studio to get an updated look.

“Rockland Bakery is one of the premier bakeries in the Northeast. We completely redesigned and updated this 75-year-old culinary institution’s logo and branding to give it a more contemporary appeal and vibe. Additionally, we generated a website that functions as both an ecommerce site and a home base for their growing legion of fans.”

Taktic’s work on Rockland Bakery serves the brand by cleaning up its appearance and making it a prime choice for today’s consumer but also respecting the bakery’s 40+ year history. An italicized font looks rustic, and combined with muted brown and gold tones it communicates the quality of Rockland Bakery’s products.

Each flavor — plain, sesame, poppy, cinnamon raisin, and whole grain wheat — has an accompanying color that makes the packaging pop. A small hexagon of that hue makes the grams of protein per serving clear, along with “cholesterol free” and “low fat,” which caters to those who are health-conscious and concerned about what they put into their bodies. The website features mouthwatering images of the breads, bringing the bakery into their homes.


Designed by: Taktic Studio

Country: United States

City: New York, NY