APRENDIZ is full of mystery. This mezcal piques curiosity and will instantly get consumers interested in trying the spirit. Mexico-based TORO PINTO developed the story behind the brand, which translates directly into its packaging and web presence.

“APRENDIZ is a mezcal by the distillery Santasabia. APRENDIZ translates as apprentice. The goal was to create a friendly product that would feel like an introductory beverage for those who wish to start drinking mezcal. We developed the brand, original artwork and label design based on the concepts of mystics, alchemy and pop culture. This way we aimed the brand to appeal to a contemporary market yet at the same time to connect with narrative that made references to the place of origin: mysterious Oaxaca, México. As part of the communication design project we also developed the web design and overall narrative contents of the project.”

Instead of opting for dark hues, APRENDIZ keeps things light and mystical. Detailed, hand-drawn images of a sun, moon, hand, compass, fire, and more contribute to the supernatural quality of the design. Combined with flashes of bright color and a sans serif font, APRENDIZ appeals to a modern audience. The bottle comes wrapped in a paper made from the hand-drawn graphics, giving it a unique, one-of-a-kind feel.


Designed by TORO PINTO

Client: Santasabia

Country: Mexico