Branding agency Viewpoint commissioned the Kazan company "Pulp Invest" developed a new Russian Trademarks hygiene products tissue category with "European roots." The agency was tasked to develop a new brand, which is to talk about the high quality of the products (which are used for the production of high-grade cellulose and Austrian equipment) and an affordable price. At the same time, it should be simple, intuitive and emotional in a position to afford the widest audience.

As a result, the work was created by the brand character - a lamb with a German named Reina («Rein» in German - "pure"). An emotional image of a lamb Reina - the tenderness, sincerity, care and sensitivity - the qualities that would give him a future brand manufacturers. But the values that it conveys to the consumer - is to take care of family and children, housekeeping, the desire to create coziness and comfort. That is why the concept is built on to create a brand that is associated with purity and high quality.

In sympathy with the lamb recognizes all members of the family and young children (because it looks like their drawings from the album), and very demanding adults who can not pass those friendly eyes!

In addition, also due to the graphical method has been achieved the perception of the brand as a quality European product. Due to the sleek design, pure colors and light graphics.


Designed by Viewpoint branding agency

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Elizabeth Freeman