1Above® combines the best of nature and science to help hydrate fast, support circulation and fight the impact of jet lag. The brief established by New Zealand based Mat Bogust of Think Packaging was to disrupt the effervescent tablet market with bespoke structural originality and improved usability for the 10, 25 and 50hr packs.

The essence of the product “Hydration”, drove the fundamental theory behind the structural development of the pack. Adopting the brand’s droplet icon as a packaging form, provided a point of differentiation, as well as a recognizable brand element.

The development process began with in-house mock-ups of structures as it allows for quicker iteration and a faster understanding of production limitations. The droplet form went through a multitude of revisions to solve for usage, practicality, and to develop a structurally sound construction. 

The 1Above® brand and droplet were crafted to share the link with hydration, and reference the shape of a planes wing as a nod to aviation. 


Designed by Think Packaging

Country: New Zealand