Nii Foods Brand Development

“How do you inspire an audience to own the day?” This is exactly the question BASIC Agency asked when working on the rebrand for Nii health foods brand. BASIC handled all facets of the redesign, from brand messaging to visual design and supporting content production. They strived to create a platform inspired by Nii’s commitment to providing their customers with “the purest, healthiest, and most vibrant foods on the market,” all with their target audience in mind.

“This target expressed a deep desire for brands that spoke to the fact that women are multi layered and play a host of roles in their daily lives, balancing successful careers, strong families and personal activities. On top of that they were looking for products and communication that could provide them with the needed support while taking on their dreams."

"Based on our understanding of the audience and what they were looking for, we positioned the bars around a centralized driver and brand mantra called, ‘Own the Day.’ The idea was that these organic bars, free of harmful ingredients, give you the fuel to power through the day; adding a sense of control and empowerment… a sentiment that resonated with our target audience. The simple, yet powerful message was carefully woven into every fiber of the brands ecosystem.”

“The proactive and encouraging attitude of Own The Day was carried through the visual design. Influencing the bright color palette and playful typography, each element of the identity was designed to work in harmony, collectively presenting a fun, playful, and confident look and feel.”

Nii’s new look certainly embodies a lifestyle and an attitude more than just try to sell a product. It looks vibrant, fresh, and active — the perfect support one might need when working toward and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Strong, bold hues appear throughout the marketing and packaging, and the photos that show up throughout their materials are complemented by the simple, single-color food bars. Basic sans serif fonts are used, appealing to a modern audience. The packaging for the Nii bars is kept relatively simple, which is a clear reflection that BASIC truly adopted the values of the company and kept their interests in mind.

“While most bar brands use muted colors or complex graphics, we opted for a simple and straight-forward design language that utilizes a bright palette and a bold logo mark. The final logo mark was made to be playful and organic in structure. Instead of using witty copy and product names on the front of the packaging, we opted to highlight the key ingredients and benefits. In order to help Nii Bar differentiate itself from its competitors we created a website that was more about brand exploration than pure ecommerce. We utilized a mix of shoppable social content, rich imagery and deep storytelling to give users a better idea of the Nii lifestyle.”

BASIC co-founder adds, “In the end, we're proud to say we took an emotional concept and made it a part of the brand that its audience could do more than just snack on. By saying ‘Own the day,’ the Nii brand empowers all women — even the ones that have never had a Nii Bar.”


Designed by: BASIC Agency

Country: United States

City: San Diego, CA