New Packaging Doubles Milk's Shelf Life

A new discovery is making headlines this week as researchers in Brazil find a way to extend the shelf life of fresh milk. By adding silver-based micro-particles with bactericidal, antimicrobial and self sterilising properties into the plastic packaging, the beverage could remain drinkable for up to 15 days compared to the current 7 days.

Luiz Pagotto Simoes, who worked on the development states, "The micro-particles are included as a powder in the polyethylene that is used to make plastic bottles as they are moulded and there is no risk of them separating from the packaging and getting into the milk."

Currently, the material is being tested by two dairies that distribute milk in Brazil.

This revolutionary material has already won approval from the US Food & Drug Administration to market the for food packaging and is set to launch in the US and European markets in the near future.  


Via Mirror