From mint and lemon to the very faint bitterness of the aniseed, thus reflecting the softness of its' origins, Garribeil is sure to set a few taste buds alight with pleasure. 

When the client asked Brand Union to help them create this original new concept, it was our duty to introduce it to the world visually so that the provincial flavor it could offer, chosen by both Brand Union and the client, could be explored. The focus was to demonstrate in the blink of an eye the use of authentic, natural & local producers. 

Fresh, aesthetically pleasing & new, it has received a warm welcome with the first wave audience: professionals. The sleek and unique simple design which both connotes and denotes the roots of the flavor, leads to the bottle standing out on the crowded shelves of the night's best-known haunts. 

It can be prepared and enjoyed 3 different ways (aperitif, cocktail and digestive) giving it an edge to really be the new cool kid on the block for professionals and consumers.


Managing Director: Celine Derosier 

Creative Director: Rob Evers 

Strategic Planning: Camille Yvinec 

Client Service: Julie Lepage

Designed by Brand Union

Country: France