FICO Ginger Ale

Deliciously sweet and tangy ginger ale straight from the garden. FICO introduces its original brew packaged in clear glass bottles allowing the natural colors of its beverages to shine through. The company's logo fluctuates in color to show what ingredients are inside every bottle while the sleek, white packaging label represents FICO's philosophy of providing its consumers with the very best ale on the market. 

"FICO is a homegrown brand of ginger ale guaranteed to have its flavor work its way to your heart. Chef Gian Fransisco concocted this ginger ale recipe in his own kitchen to tickle the taste buds of many ale enthusiasts in the city of Manila. His tasty ginger mixture is packaged only with all-natural ingredients that are hand-picked and lovingly brewed into each bottle by a dedicated team of ale-o-holics. Working with growers that do not use pesticides & other toxins, FICO is a brand that believes in the benefits of organic living."

"The company grows most of the ingredients in their partner organic farms, assuring ale aficionados that nothing but natural vitamins & minerals  are sealed in with all the delicious flavor. Latching on to the ideas for transparency of the brand, we wanted that to translate that to its branding and packaging as well."


Designed by Shao Long Bald & Monnik T

Country: Phillapines