This chardonnay and pinot noir from Lightfoot & Wolfville vineyards are absolutely charming. Designed by Chad Michael Studio, Ancienne has an antiquated look, almost like a delightful aged book pulled from the shelf. As the back label states, it is “a faithful, living record of our terroir — exceptional wines grown in our most privileged vineyard sites.”

“Ancienne is a wine from Nova Scotia and is a product of Lightfoot & Wolfville vineyards, a family winery. Ancienne is a wine born from rich history and biodynamic principles. The grapes are raised and harvested on old Acadian lands and lovingly crafted using old world methods. Century-old Acadian tools are occasionally unearthed from the vineyard soil while feral animals roam free throughout.”

Ancienne’s traditional appearance, with a mix of different fonts and an off-white label with slightly weathered edges, respects the history of the Acadian lands and the older methods used to create the wine. The illustration of a bird on a scythe is drawn with incredibly detail and impeccable shading, giving the bottle elegance and beauty. Small details, like an embossed fleur-de-lis pattern on the border, pull the design together and help establish the true character of the wine.


Designed by: Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States