With sultry images that include geometric inspiration, you’d almost expect to see Sugar in an art museum and not in your makeup bag. The beauty subscription service launched a range of 7 products — Eye Line, Kajal, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Lip Crayon, Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick — and Beard Agency worked with them to appeal to their target audience, set themselves apart, and to truly become something special.

“Sugar is a makeup brand owned by Fab Bag, a popular beauty/grooming subscription service. We worked with Fab Bag to create the sugar brand to be chic yet approachable, sophisticated but with the quirkiness to appeal to a younger demographic and most importantly, a brand that would stand on its own in a market dominated by larger global brands. Essentially, a challenger brand!”

“Some research on current products in the market revealed a certain ‘sameness’ in the packaging of most brands in the premium segment. All of them were highly sophisticated and bland. We created a distinct look for Sugar using the triangulated illustration style. It unified all the products and created a memorable visual identity for the products.”

Instead of using a model with clean, perfect skin, this particular illustration style serves Sugar consumers in an incredibly positive way. The images wrap around the packaging using a combination of similar colors, communicating that makeup will always look slightly different on each person. Each gorgeous illustration gives buyers certain qualities that they can project onto themselves, so the wearers aren’t really adopting a certain “look.” Rather, they take on a persona or certain characteristics — romantic, seductive, or bold, for example. Sugar positioned itself to stand out in a saturated beauty market by providing beauty inspiration instead of pushing the aspiration of a certain appearance onto their subscribers.


Designed by Beard Agency

Country: India