Ozark Beer Company

I think the Ozark Mountains might seem MORE foreign to me than the country of Japan (neither which I've been to yet). The little I know, I’ve seen on TV (Clash of the Ozarks anyone?) and it’s a bit disconcerting. So when I came in contact with the awesome packaging design for regional Ozark Beer Co. brews, I was both surprised and impressed!

The craft brewery is located in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, a unique culture of honest, hard-working people living in a relaxed atmosphere with an eclectic population of farmers, craftsmen, and captains of industry. Ozark Beer Co. knew that in today’s highly competitive beer market they would need to stand out not only within their local competition, but with craft brewers nationwide. They needed a design team that could capture the uniqueness of the brand’s authentic Arkansas flair and make that shine.

“In today’s uber-competitive beer market, great taste alone simply won’t do. A solid brand design is essential as a first impression for imbibers.”

The Northwest Arkansas creative agency, BLKBOXLabs, was a perfect match for this project and the design work they delivered is spot on. They created a beautiful family of hand-drawn, type based illustrations that capture different visual representations of Ozark culture. There is a massive elk, a blazing campfire, a soaring eagle and a big old buffalo adorning the different beer cans. The color palette is extremely “outdoorsy,” with a wide range of browns and accents of reds and oranges. The brand tagline “Hard work. Honest beer.” has been woven into the illustrations quite prominently, a reminder of the brand’s core values.

“People from the Ozarks ‘get it,’ says BLKBOXLabs’ creative director, Jeremy Teff. “These are outdoors people who are hardworking, and that’s where that handcrafted aspect comes from. Everything we do here we make with our hands, so it was natural for us to design the cans that way.”

For the “Belgian-style Golden” the name of the brew is illustrated within the campfire flames, with the brand tagline etched into the logs sitting at the base of the fire. Additionally, each beer can suggests food pairings and also tells the Ozark Beer Co. brand story in an effort to connect with the broad audience. There is a tremendous amount of detail included on each can, BLKBOXLabs has created a story that meanders around the can without a dull moment.

Not surprisingly the brand development and packaging design for Ozark Beer Co. has already seen strong, positive reactions within the market and received nationwide recognition within publications. BLKBOXLabs successfully tapped into the spirit of the artisinal Ozark Mountain brand and brought it to life.


Designed by BLKBOXLabs

Country: United States