MUSQ Natural Cosmetics

Black Squid Design worked with MUSQ to develop their text based logo, which created the foundation for all their materials moving forward. The logo won my heart over immediately. A bold and curvy font, in all caps and modified into a uniquely abstract logo mark. Black Squid Design has created a sleek and upmarket brand for MUSQ.

Working with a simple black and white color palette and using the logo mark at a large scale, gives the line a strong unified look. It has a refined femininity and classic color palette. Introduced in the candle collection is the use of a bold, graphic pattern made up of plant and floral shapes. The patterning is used tastefully and feels like a perfect extension of the brand by incorporating and referencing the “natural, real ingredients” the products are created with.

MUSQ has carved out a nice place in the Australian beauty market and I'm sure that in addition to having a high-quality product, their packaging is also catching eyes on the shelves.

MUSQ is an Australian made and owned, natural make-up and skincare company that prides itself on putting quality before profits. Their philosophy “Keep your food, skin & thoughts clean!” And, the brand identity keeps consistent with this vision, having a “sport luxe” feel that is both timeless, modern and clean.


Designed by Black Squid Design

Country: Australia