Loft & Bear

Dieline headquarters are in Los Angeles, so we are especially excited to hear about Loft & Bear, a vodka distilled right here in the City of Angels! Created by Ryan Paul, the youngest commercial distillery owner in the country, Loft & Bear is the first spirit released by his company, YSA (Young State America) Distillery.

“YSA (Young State America) is located in the bourgeoning downtown LA Arts District. Designed to be an innovative ode to the art of distilling, YSA uses authentic processes and original recipes, resulting in a product that is truly artisanal.”

“Loft & Bear, the first spirit released by YSA, is an ultra-premium, small batch, handcrafted vodka developed to please a broad range of audiences, whether they are looking to sip a quality spirit or to add a unique flavor profile to a well-crafted cocktail. Characterized by its sweet, rich aroma, Loft & Bear has a silky smooth mouth feel with an understated light flavor that derives its character from soft winter wheat grains; resulting in a clean, less neutral tasting flavor.”

Loft & Bear is beautifully unique, and against a black label, the crisp, clear vodka glistens in the bottle. Whereas many clear spirits try to focus attention on the bottle, this stark contrast brings attention to the drink itself. Most prominent on the label is the name “Loft & Bear” written largely in a traditional sans serif font. This simple and unassuming approach is juxtaposed with the label turned slightly sideways, spiraling up the bottle. A small tan silhouette of a standing bear rests at the bottom, acknowledging their California pride. Loft & Bear is a fresh and modern drink, and they’re set apart even more by the values of the distillery and its effort to give back to the community.

“Through Distill.Drink.Donate. 5% of all YSA profits are donated to programs and charitable organizations whose principles support distressed families, veteran’s affairs and human services. Engrained in our culture is not only the desire to give back to those less fortunate, but also to serve those who make it their duty to serve others. Implementing these practices at the outset of our inception has insured solid values at the core of our brand.”


Designed by: YSA Distillery

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles